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Facade blinds

They are used as an external blackout of the window openings, facades and other large glazing. 

Visual and heat comfort

Facade blinds blocking most of the sun rays which directly falling into the room effectively protect the room against heating, room furniture against losing colour as also create favorable visual conditions. Additionally regulation ease of  the slat inclination angle enables the choice of an appropriate blackout level.  

Aesthetics and functionality

Facade blinds change the facade design imparting an interesting and modern sense to them. They are produced with two kinds of slat shapes : they resemble the letter C - 80 mm wide and letter Z - 90 wide. They are characterized by simple installation, light construction and attractive design.  

A wide range of the offered shades, an interesting shape and available colours of the products ensure an aesthetic design. The possibility of the drive choice and weather automatics usage additionally improve the system functionality. 


The blinds consist of flat flexible slats which are made of aluminium o,42 mm wide tape covered with special varnished coats ensuring resistance against atmospheric conditions and mechanical influence during slat work. Solid construction and the guide rail, protecting plate and fixing elements finishing ensure the system stability and durability. Moreover all components used in system production are characterized by high durability and resistance against external factors.