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Blinds Refleksol


Natural air conditioning and a power-saving feature
External blind Refleksol helps to keep an even comfortable temperaturę in the room which is exposed to sunrays. At the same time using of the roller blinds of Reflexol type enables reduction of air conditioners usage causing running costs reduction.

Visual comfort 

HIGH-T-TEX, Polyscreen, Screen fabrics used in the  roller blinds ensure an effective visual barrier against the light which falls in the room, suppress contrasts keeping a good visibility outside. 

Aesthetics and functionality

Usage of appropriate room blackout system enables the accentuation of individual architecture of the building. Moreover a rich fabric proposal of different structures and many colours and the option of varnishing of the roller blind construction enable their ideal matching  to the environment.  Installation of Refleksol blinds inside the house can even  create a full blackout effect, for example in cinemas, auditoriums etc. An Optional usage of weather automatics additionally protects the roller blinds against changeable atmospheric conditions.  


Solid aluminium construction and high quality fabrics made of durable  polyester fibres covered with PVC ensure long lasting roller blind usage.