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Roll-up garage doors

This solution is versatile – the door can be mounted in both buildings being under construction  and already built buildings.  Important advantage of the roll-up doors is space saving. The sections which the armature is made of are characterized by a good thermal performance and noise reduction.  


Roll-up doors are safety solutions in every field. The armature is made of high-quality aluminium plate (section PA-55 or PA-77) and it is resistant against mechanical actions. Solid guide bars make its extraction difficult.  

The doors also include blocking elements such as lock hangers and inertial brake near the section PA 77 mm. 

There is a possibility of roll-up door mounting with a glazed section or air-hole which enables daylight inflow and air circulation in the garage.   

The sections to the roll-up garage doors are resistant against atmospheric factors and it is  easy to  maintain the cleanliness. 

Comfort of service

Usage of an electric drive and remote control provides high service comfort. Radio control enables opening and closing the door without necessity of car leaving. It can be a special advantage - for example during the rain or in the evening – it is possible to switch on driveway or garage lighting with the help of  a zapper.

In the case of power cut the door can be opened or closed with the help of emergency manual drive.