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External facade roller blinds

External roller blind is the most usually used and universal roller blind system. It doesn’t require header alteration and it can be used in every building. It can be installed even after elevation buiding 

External roller blinds protect from the sun, rain and the nosy people or neighbours. They play a sufficient function in the process of energy saving, protect from noise and their specialized version protects also from burglary.  

They are produced according to the standards binding on modern constructional elements  while the certificates and attestations ensure full conformity  with building regulations being in force.  

Normally the roller blind contains: 

  • white (02), dark brown (08), brown (09), grey (03), beige (05), silver (01), ivory (16)  box and guide rail,
  • aluminium feathers (shield) PA 39 or PA 45 or PCV feathers (shield) PCV-37 of all available colours at no extra charge 
  • tape or rop(up to 5 m) cartridge to 5 m (coiler) is available in white colour (brown colour on demand)  
  • strengthened fascia of 55 mm  - white (02), dark brown (08), brown (09), grey (03), beige (05), silver (01), ivory (16) with a rubber gasket  
  • clipped aluminium or PCV feathers  (movable part blocking),
  • roller blind – type A, outlet B. 
  • mounting hole countersinking in the guide rail is done on customer’s demand without at no extra charge on customers’ demand 
  • standard boxes 137, 165, 205 also  can be golden oak (48), nut (30), mahogany (22) at extra chargé.