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It is used to shade large terrace, balcony or orchard spaces. Material used for awning production is high quality  acrylic treated fabric which is available. 

Material is finished with pull-out valance. The awning construction is made of aluminium which can be varnished with every colour which makes the awning look  functional and elegant. We produce the awnings on individual customer request.  

Main advantages are:

  • Adapting of the awning type to the customer’s requirements (terrace, balcony, window, shop awnings),
  • Adapting of the awning  width and outreach to the customer’s needs  
  • Wall, ceiling or rafter mounting,
  • The possibility of  colour choice of the construction which is made of durable aluminium varnished with pulverized technique
  • Manual (handle) or electric control with (engine with wall switch/ engine with radio pilot)
  • The possibility of equipping the awning  with sensors automatically rolling the awning during wind.
Bob Rollo