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External facade roller blinds with mosquito net

An external facade roller blind with mosquito net is a developed version of a  traditional external roller blind mounted to the building elevation. A special system of joint guide rails in connection with the rod equipped with an  insect net is a perfect combination of security and comfort.  

Roller blind integrated with mosquito net has many advantages:

This system enables an  easy and simple manual service due to the spring mechanism which spools the mosquito net to the rod which is situated in the case as also an easy snapping and deblocking of the mosquito net in one preset appropriately regulated position. After complete rolling up of the mosquito net the window opening has its standard functions. The mosquito net which is made of glass fibre (it  it significant for high durability of the mosquito net) becomes completely hidden in the blind case. 

Normally the roller blind contains: 

  • white (02), dark brown (08), brown (09), grey (03), beige (05), silver (01), ivory (16)  box and guide rail,
  • aluminium feathers (shield) PA 39 or PA 45 or PCV feathers (shield) PCV-37 of all available colours art no extra charge, 
  • tape or rop(up to 5 m) cartridge to 5 m (coiler) is available in white colour (brown colour on demand)  
  • strengthened fascia of 55 mm  - white (02), dark brown (08), brown (09), grey (03), beige (05), silver (01), ivory (16) with a rubber gasket  
  • clipped aluminium or PCV feathers (movable part blocking),
  • roller blind – type A, outlet  B,
  • mounting hole countersinking in the guide rail is done at no extra charge on customers’ demand
  • Standard boxes 137, 165, 205 also can be golden oak (48), nut (30), mahogany (22) at extra charge.