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YAWAL: Warm door and window systems

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The TM 74 1.0 system is used to construct thermo-insulated windows, external development cabinets for external development in residential, public service and industrial buildings. 
The system enables the construction of the following:

  • solid windows,
  • tilt-and-turn windows,
  • tilt windows,
  • turn windows,
  • multi-sash windows,
  • windows with solid posts,
  • windows with movable posts,
  • windows with hidden sashes,
  • turn and sliding windows,
  • anti-burglary windows.

The TM 74 1.0 system consists of three-chamber aluminium profiles with a thermal separator.
The casing depth is as follows:

  • frame -74 mm
  • leaf -83.4 mm

The TM 74 1.0 system may use a variety of fill types (insulated glass, also in 13-57 mm three-pane packages).

The sash, post and crosspiece dimensions must be determined based on static calculations, with regard to wind load, aluminium profiles resistance characteristics, glazing type and permissible bents of balcony door and window elements.
The maximum width of tilt and tilt-and-turn sashes equals 1600 mm, the height 2500 mm, the maximum weight 130 kg. Extra profiles enable the construction of combined windows performing different functions combined in free sets. 

The system allows for the construction of large structures due to its use of strengthened profiles in external and internal layouts. Angle profiles allow for the construction of sets of structures at considerable angle. A wide variety of specialist profiles enables the construction of windows of very good thermal parameters, proper size and the free arrangement of different window types. The aesthetic values of the structure are stressed by the high quality of profile finish surface: powder varnishing in wood base colours and anodising.

The system may realise modern window structure solutions in multiple configurations and layouts. It enables window installation in facade systems. 

The TM 74 1.0 system windows allow for the optimum construction of building elevation structures, considering special needs of users as far as the functions, aesthetics and durability. 
The solutions provide a building with individual style, ensure the implementation of the architectural concept applying an economical solution.
The profile thermal insulation allows for the buildings exploitation costs optimising.

The usefulness of the product called YAWAL TM 74 1.0 system balcony doors and windows with aluminium profiles and a thermal separator in construction branch has been certified by the ITB AT-15-4695/2007 Technical Approval

Technical parameters


Parameter Norm Value
Air infiltration PN-EN 12207 class 4
Water-tightness PN-EN 12208 E1050
Deformation PN-EN 12210 C4
acoustic insulation PN-EN ISO 140-3 30÷44 dB
Thermal insulation   Uf=1,68÷1,99 W/m2K
Corrosivity category PN-EN ISO 12944-2:2001 C1, C2, C3, C4